26 January, 2018 Foundation fundraising, Grammy Gold singer Mike Pilomporn's New Year’s celebration

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Thailand’s Grammy Gold singer Mike Pilomporn held a New Year’s celebration and provided a fund raising opportunity for the foundation. Mike is a very sincere and friendly person who lost his father to CCA. He continues to honor his father by helping others affected by the disease. He has produced a specially prepared version of the widely used fish preparation called Pla-Ra which is commercially available. The traditionally prepared version is often contaminated with liver fluke metacercariae and is a common source for infection in humans. The preparation Mike has developed is cooked and is free of infectious metacercariae. It has become a successful product and is a big step in the right direction for food safety and the development of fluke free foods.

The celebration also provided the opportunity to raise awareness of CCA and to honor World Cholangiocarcinoma Day 2018. Although the signs are in Thai, the message is the same, "World Cholangiocarcinoma Day 2018, hope for the future"


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